Paly girls field hockey ties to Saratoga 0-0 on Paly senior night


Photo courtesy of Karen Hickey

Elizabeth Fetter, Editor-in-chief

Paly girls field hockey tied against Saratoga yesterday. It was Paly’s senior night and the teams honored those seniors before the game.

The game was really intense because it was so evenly matched,” junior Aspen Stitt said. “We just didn’t get enough shots off.”

The game has seven minutes of overtime, and any goal scored would be a golden goal, meaning an immediate win. However, nobody was able to score and the final standing was 0-0.

“It’s extremely stressful and exciting to play overtime because instead of the usual 11 players on the field, there are only 7,” senior Lara Lew-strass said.

Before the game, the Paly women celebrated their seniors. All of the team lined up and clapped as the seniors walked across.

“The senior night game was really special because my family and friends were there, and we played in the cold night air, which just felt so different and exciting,” Lew-strass said.

There were colorful posters with the senior’s name, a drawing, and then love-filled messages on the back.

“It was very emotional, people were scyring,” Stitt said. “It’s so sad to see the seniors we love go.”

Many of the seniors feel the same way about the rest of the team.

“I really love Field hockey, and especially the Paly team, so it is super sad to know that I have only a few games left,” Lew-strass said.