Paly girls volleyball beats Monta Vista in a reverse sweep on their senior night Monday


Elizabeth Fetter, Editor-in-chief

Paly girls volleyball beat Monta Vista Monday at home three sets to two, a fitting way to end their senior night.

“I am incredibly proud to be able to pull off that win,” senior Evie Kramer said. “We’ve had a tough season: before the tournament last weekend we hadn’t won in five weeks.”

Part of the reason for this is the team’s libero, Jessica Watanabe, had been out for the past weeks with a back injury. For this game, however, she was back.

The senior night celebrations were held before the game. The head coach, Chris Crader, gave a short speech honoring each of the seniors, and parents came up to take photos. The seniors were also awarded flowers and posters full of photos and messages.

“They were really sweet,” Kramer said. “It feels great to be part of this team, it’s so important to me.

After this, the game began. Paly had a “reverse sweep.” They lost the first two sets in close scores of 27-25 and 25-22, respectively. Sets are played to 25, win by two. The first team to three sets wins, and if a fifth set is necessary, it is played to 15. Paly went on to win the next three sets, 25-23, 25-23, and 15-5, respectively.

“The fifth set is a good indicator of how well we can play when we have our energy up.” Kramer said. “We really clicked in as a team.”

The team will have more time to celebrate the seniors as well as their victory at the end-of-year celebration.

“We have an end-of-year banquet coming up with gifts and a slideshow,” Kramer said. “I’m excited for that.”