Vikings Beat Los Gatos

Zach Baumgarten, Beats Editor

This Tuesday afternoon the boys varsity tennis team was defeated by their league rivals Los Gatos by a score of 5-2.

The two matches that were won came from a doubles game with Nathan Ellisen (‘19) and Adam Love (‘19) and a singles match from Aaron Li (‘20).

These victorious matches from the Vikings allowed the team to get an early 2-0 lead, showing signs of hope for Paly.

However, the rest of the game didn’t go as well as the Vikings would have hoped and they lost the last five matches to the Wildcats.

Although this adds another loss to the tennis team’s imperfect season there is still much to be hopeful for in the near future.

The three winners in their matches, Ellisen, Love, and Li, are all going to be returning to the team next spring. To go along with this Matthew Ho (‘21) is a freshman who is already playing at a varsity level.

Li speaks on the young core of the team, “This season hasn’t gone totally to plan, but I definitely think there’s hope in the future,” said Li.