Wrestling Season Preview

After an incomplete season in 2020-21, Paly wrestling is back in full swing with their first tournament starting on December 4th. After a year off the entire team is very excited to be able to compete again to the fullest extent.

“I’m excited because we haven’t had a real season in a while and the one season we did have I was a freshman, so I didn’t really get to experience that much,” Josh Wilde (‘23) said.

The team’s first duel comes at home facing Fremont High School, one of the historically biggest challenges for Paly wrestling.

“Fremont is always pretty hard for us, we usually ended up losing to them in duels,” Wilde said. 

Another notable rival of Paly wrestling is Los Gatos, who Paly is having a duel against on January 20.

The team has many star wrestlers returning, including team captain Max Felter (‘22). Wrestler Cade Creighton (‘22) recently committed to Cal Poly SLO prior to the season, and looks to have a huge impact for the team. 

Paly wrestling saw a large number of new underclassmen try out this year and have already identified promising talent in freshmen such as Tasman Johnson.

“I’d say my favorite part of the team this year is the amount of driven underclassmen that we have,” Creighton said. “I didn’t expect it after the weird season last year, but we have a lot of quality young wrestlers who could be very good if they continue.” 

The team morale is high going into this season and the entire team has been pushing themselves to get better.

“I like that everyone in the wrestling room is there to improve themselves,” Ella Jauregi (‘22) said, “and I’m really excited to compete in the upcoming tournaments!” 

The Vikes are looking forward to another exciting season with the long anticipated return of packed stands and are certainly looking to put on a show.