Paly Boys Soccer Defeats Wilcox 3-0


Photo courtesy of Cindy Krieger

Claire Cho, Staff Writer

On December 18th the Paly boys soccer team beat Wilcox high school 3-2-0. The team’s dominance and hard work throughout the game led to another win for them.

“We out-possessed them by so much,” Alec Bonnard (’25) said. “Paly had overall dominance and took advantage of the numerous opportunities we worked for.”

Leading the scoreboard the entire time, Paly worked fluidly in both the first and second half in order to keep their lead strong for the entire duration of the game.

“3-0 is an understatement,” Bonnard said.

Following the series of wins this season for the team, the boys continue to work their way through with a current 2-2 record. 

Prep2Prep released a top 25 ranking of high school boys’ soccer teams and didn’t include Paly. But since then, they have not lost to any of the other 6 teams in their league that were originally ranked above them. The team’s efforts and excellence are evident through their success as they continue to fight hard each game.

With an upcoming match on Friday at Santa Clara, the players are working hard to continue their winning streak as there is just about one more month left in the season.