Paly Boys Soccer beats Gunn 3-2


photo by Karen Hickey

Yasmin Friedrichowitz

Tonight Paly boys soccer won against cross-town rivals, Gunn Highschool, in a close  3-2 match. Paly played together well and used their first goals and motivation to finish the game strong. 


“The team showed more passion than Gunn did today, we wanted it more and that really showed when it came to our 50/50 challenges,” senior captain Zach Cooper said.


Three Paly seniors took the lead tonight in scoring goals. First, Alec Profit volleyed a long throw from a teammate right into the goal. Dinu Deshpande scored the second goal of the night putting the team up 2-0. The last goal scored was made by Hunter Aronson, securing the win for Paly.


“Gunn had two penalties where they cut our lead from two goals to one and that is always a huge momentum swing,” Senior Rhys Foote said, “For us to handle that twice and come out with a win was amazing.”


Even with this win, the team will have to continue to train hard in order to finish the rest of the season strong. 


“Going into Friday, the team, including myself, needs to remember to stay composed, it is super hard to stay calm in an extremely exciting game against a rival but it is crucial to winning and finishing games strong,” Cooper said.