Paly Boys Soccer v. Homestead February 1


Ivan Ijzerman, Digital Editor-In-Chief

Paly boys soccer played Homestead High School, home of the Mustangs on February 1. The game ended with a final score of 0-0, neither team able to reign victorious over the two halves. 

Despite the game being scoreless, both sides created multiple chances. Early in the first half, Paly keeper Isaac Kirby (‘23) caught a glancing header which was heading towards the back of the net, saving the Vikings from going 1-0 down early in the game.

“[Homestead] had a big chance at the beginning of the first half, which Isaac was able to stop,” senior Hunter Aronson said.

Being scoreless at half, the Vikings knew they needed to finish on their chances in the second half of the game.

“At halftime we did not have a lot of enthusiasm, and I could see some teammates with their heads down,” Kirby said. “Coach made sure we went into the second half with much more energy.”

While the team looked much more alive through the second half, it was not enough to emerge victorious over the Mustangs, and as the full time whistle blew, marking the end of the 80 minute game, the score was still 0-0.