Girls cross-country places second at Gunn High School alumni meet


Runners Katie Foug (‘15), Nadya Nee (‘13), and Shaheen Essabhoy (‘13), run side by side after the whistle is blown at the start of the Gunn practice meet.

Paul Bienaime, Staff Writer

The Palo Alto High School girls’ varsity cross-country team placed second of four teams at the Gunn High School alumni meet this afternoon.

Nora Rosati (‘13) placed first for the Lady Vikes and second overall, finishing the race with a time of 13:07, a 6:01 mile pace.

Following Rosati was Katie Foug (‘15), who finished fourth overall with a time of 13:35.  The remainder of the varsity team, including Audrey DeBruine (‘14), Shaheen Essabhoy (‘13), Nadya Nee (‘13) and Maryssa Sklaroff (‘13) took eighth, tenth, 15th, and 16th place, respectively.

In the girls’ junior varsity race, runners Emily Zhang (‘16) and Bryn Carlson (‘16) placed first and second place overall, respectively. Zhang completed the race with a time of 14:01 minutes.

Coach Paul Jones was satisfied with the team’s performance.

“The girls varsity had a wonderful race overall,” Jones said. “[There were] lots of new underclassmen that raced well.”

The team finished strong with an average time of 13:58 minutes, scoring 39 points. The Lady Vikes fell just eight points short of Gunn High School, who held first place on their home course.

Foug looks forward to the meets to come.

“As a team we could do really well,” Foug said. “With Nora and Chika [Kasahara (‘13)] who usually finish first, we should have a good season.”

The Lady Vikes will continue to train for their first official meet, the Lowell Invitational, at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park on Sept. 15, where they placed third last season.