Boys Lacrosse Slaughter on Senior Afternoon

Boys Lacrosse Slaughter on Senior Afternoon

Quinn Knoblock, Features Editor

Paly Boys Lacrosse had a great game Saturday mid-day to celebrate its Seniors. Before the game began, there was a nice ceremony to honor the 11 seniors on Varsity, as they played their final regular season home game.

“It was certainly emotional to play my last regular season game at home,” senior Matt Seligson (‘16), who has played on Varsity since his freshman year, said.

Each senior walked out with their family as a blurb about each of them was read aloud to the fans. After the photos and festivities wound down, the game began.

For their final home game, the Vikes took on Saint Francis. The game started off slow and for the first 6 minutes there was no action besides a few saves from Paly goalie Q Valenti (‘16). For the first goal of the game, senior Seligson (‘16) scored to put the Vikings ahead, 1-0. As the quarter came to a close after back and forth possession, Seligson scored again to give Paly the lead 2-0 at the quarter.

The second quarter began as freshman Patrick Macintosh scored to increase the Vikings lead. Finally, about halfway through the quarter Saint Francis scores, the Vikings still leading 3-1. After two more goals from Paly, by Aryia Momeny (‘16) and yet again by Macintosh, the score settled 5-1 with Play leading the half.

After a brief halftime, the Vikes and Lancers took the field. Within four minutes, Paly had scored four more goals, two courtesy of Seligson, and were leading 8-1. A few minutes later senior Chuck Stephenson (‘16) scores, causing the Lancers to call a timeout.

After their time out, with a new spring in their step, Saint Francis scores their second goal of the game. The Vikings counter that when Seligson makes his fifth goal of the game. As the quarter came to an end, Paly leads 11-2.

The fourth quarter starts off quickly as Saint Francis is eager to score, and does just that, making the score now 11-3 Vikings. In an amazing play, Valenti saves a tricky shot, passes it off to Momeny who sprints down the field making an even farther pass to Owen Dulik (‘16) who is waiting down by the goal, who quickly shoots and scores, making the crowd go wild.

After a few back and fourth goals, the most exciting play of the game happens. After saving yet another shot, Valenti rushes down the entire field in an attempted Coast to Coast.

Valenti shoots, but it’s saved by the Saint Francis goalie. The Lancers then rush down the field as Valenti is not in the goal, they shoot and they score.

The game comes to a close as the Vikes clench yet another win to wind down their season, 13-4 again the Lancers.

“It’s been a long but amazing career,” Seligson said of his time on Paly Lacrosse.

Now that the Vikes have played their final regular season home game, they are almost completely set and ready for playoff season which starts in two weeks.