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Break away

Elijah Wax (‘14) shows off his b-boy moves. He has been breakdancing since middle school.

Clara Harrington and Maddie Kinnaman

December 2, 2013

  Although backflips, backspins and headspins may be generic words that distinguish breakdancing, but its history and cultural impact are largely unknown. When breakdancing first gained popularity, the tradition of dance battles had already been established; it was strong among street gangs in N...

Cheer vs. Dance

Paul Bienaimé, Staff Writer

February 20, 2013

A few years ago, a group of students decided to start a dance team in competition with the cheer team. Today, both teams respect each other and even train together. Her is a video to see both teams perform at the Winter Rally along with interviews.

Palo Alto High School’s dance team performs at Paly sporting events

The Palo Alto High Schools girls’ dance team performes at halftime at the Vikings football game against Homestead.

Sammy Solomon and Annie Susco, Staff Writers

October 11, 2011

It all started for Palo Alto High School dancer Isabel Obrien (‘12) at age four, when she first tied on her ballet shoes and slipped on her pink leotard and tights.  She learned the basic techniques of dance, such as pointing her toes and straightening her legs, at a very early age.  From the beginning of her dance car...

Bump, set, dance? Girls’ volleyball teams perform flash mob

Bump, set, dance? Girls' volleyball teams perform flash mob

Sam Borsos, Managing Editor

September 7, 2011

Whether it's the girls' volleyball team suiting up as ninjas or the boys' basketball team keeping it classy with ties and collared shirts, it is not unusual to see a sports team at Palo Alto High School rock bold attire on game day. But today was a little different. The girls' varsity, junior varsity...

Gridiron to Glissade

Gridiron to Glissade

Talia Moyal

March 11, 2011

Glee. It's the fourth quarter with three minutes, twenty-five seconds left in the game. The team huddles. Down by six, one touchdown will win the game. They take their stances, preparing for the play. The quarterback calls out the cadence, yet instead of snapping the ball, the team follows into a...

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