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Columnist Shannon Scheel ('12) cannot get enough of those Nike products. In her enthusiasm she has caused half of her collection to go airborne. Where's the pink sports bra? She went on a run today, so it's in the wash, of course!

Shannon Scheel, Columnist

November 20, 2011

No beating around the bush: I have an obsession with Nike products. Sometimes I find my consumerism a little bit embarrassing. But no matter how much my friends berate me for the thirteen (GASP) pairs of jeans I own, I can’t help myself: I’m an athlete, but also a shopper. And to be honest, if...

Column: Is flaggy the new swaggy? Uniforms in college sports

Column: Is flaggy the new swaggy? Uniforms in college sports

Peter Dennis, Columnist

September 8, 2011

This summer, my dad gave me two Excel worksheets. At first glance, I was suspicious. Presumably this was another college application themed document, to go along with the insurmountable piles of “pertinent” information and the massive gigabytes of Word documents, saved websites and such chewing ...

Column: sports fashionista

Column: sports fashionista

Nina Kelty, Staff Writer

September 6, 2011

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe what I am wearing!  Looking down at my outfit before soccer practice I am nauseated, but it is too late to change.  Today I am stepping onto the field sporting colors resembling Christmas decorations on the top half and an American flag from the waist down in addition...

High Technology: How technology is changing the game

BOUNCE Guard Davante Adams (‘12) leaps up for a slam dunk on Aaron Gordon (‘13) of Archbishop Mitty on March 1 in the CCS semifinals.

Peter Dennis and Nathan Norimoto

March 9, 2011

In the age of iPads and Xbox 360s, technology seems to change continuously. People have gotten so accustomed to the continual updating of technology that they get frustrated when the growth doesn’t happen or if it doesn’t happen quickly enough. Of course, sports are not spared from this change....

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