Girls’ varsity water polo coach resigns


Former varsity girls’ water polo coach Danny Dye resigned following the 8-3 loss to Saratoga this Thursday afternoon. He announced that he was leaving in a team meeting following the game.

“I think that Danny is a very compassionate man and I really respect his decision to do what he thought was best for the team,” varsity water polo player Tess van Hulsen (’15) said.

The new varsity coach will be Aileen Delaney, who was one of the two coaches for girls junior varsity water polo. The players have high hopes for Delaney, and are ready to work together to improve on their season.

“We’ve heard that she has a lot of experience so hopefully she’ll help us set up more offensive plays that will help us score more goals,” varsity captain Emma Wolfe (’14). “I know right now we have a lot of team chemistry so I really think that’s going to help us play better.”

With a new coach, the team looks to better their  3-1 record.

“I think the next couple games will really be a growing experience for us,” van Hulsen said.

The Lady Vikes play next at the Amanda Mac Invite Friday at Menlo.